Thank you for fighting for us, John Kerry

Thank you for fighting for us, John Kerry Thank you for fighting for us, John Kerry

He said he'd fight, and he did. I know people will debate tactics, question the clarity of his messages, etc. But I think he fought his heart out for Americans, he showed a lot of grit, and he peformed well in the debates. His messages, however, wouldn't resonate outside the reality-based community. Bush's supporters, when polled, could not even identify the major elements of Bush's record and agenda (they thought there was WMD in Iraq, they still thought Saddam was conspiring with OBL etc.)
I'm so depressed, because if this didn't work this year, when Bush's record was so incredibly indefenslbe, I'm not sure the Democrats can ever win again.

We have a majority of Bible thumpers in this country that won't vote what is - empirically - in their own interests. They're more concerned about "George loves Jesus and has been touched by the Holy Spirit, like me" than they are interested in reducing the deficit, controlling corporate giveaways, fixing health care, lowering prescription drug costs, and raising the minimum wage.

It's not just the "faith-based presidency" versus the "reality-based communty"; it's now the morally righteous uninformed who comprise a majorty of the voting electorate. The American public is getting the Administration they deserve. Ironically enough, only God can help us now.....

Also, I think the Republican operatives (their academic elite supporters, their lawyers, their media gunners, etc.) are cynical people ruining this country. I doubt if 10% of them sincerely respect the new Rove evangelical base that's doing ther bidding.

There are few options for unity now, despite Kerry's call for it. Kerry's supporters have to continue "speaking truth to power" until the willfully blind see the consequences of their choices.

The Republican elite are endangering our nation's security, screwing over the poor, violating the liberties of the vulnerable, demonizing their political opposition, lying to their own citizens, committing war crimes and as a result recruiting a new generation of terrorists eager to kill us all, failing to stop nuclear proliferation, and killing young men and women fighting in a war that was planned out on a cocktail napkin. Evil, cynical bastards.

We don't need to offer baseless accusations and demonize the Republicans. The facts speak for themselves. The hard question is: How can we make the "moral majority of the 21st century" listen or give a damn?
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